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October 4, 2018

As most of my readers and followers are already aware, I am a huge fan of raw food for dogs. There is nothing better than clean, single ingredient and straight from the farm nutritional meals. I have committed to feeding Anmitsu this way close to 2 years NOW! And it's the best decision I've ever made!


Prior to her, I had 2 dogs and you can read about their diet in our first post! (https://www.afrenchieslife.com/single-post/2017/03/29/Pet-Food-Industry)

My approach to raw is mixing straight from the farm meat with veggies and probiotics. Yes, I meal prep all of her food. This convenient raw food from Instinct was definitely a easier approach to meals, especially for lunch! 


This are 43 medallions in this packet, and a Frenchie probably needs to eat 2 for lunch. They are MINIMALLY PROCESSED and never cooked to preserve their nutritional integrity. They use ingredients closest to their natural state like real meat and non-GMO fruits and vegetables.Made with 85% real meat and organs and 15% fruits, vegetables and vitamins and minerals. And made without grain, corn, wheat, artificial colors or preservatives.


I throw these in a zip-lock bag, and it's ready to eat during her lunch at doggie school. I love that I can continue to feed her raw even when she's on the go! 


Currently, I do NOT feed this meal when we are at home. I still follow my farm fresh meal plan, but this type of frozen raw allows me to provide her with a similar diet when we are out and about.





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