NomNom Now (Part II) *Not Paid for this Post

June 24, 2018

 (**NomNomNow has provided me with a referral link. But I believe when a product is good, I dont need to be paid to share it with other dog and cat parents...also I'm lazy to set up the link). 


When I first started my blog series on human-grade dog food companies, I was excited for Anmitsu to try all the fresh food meals available on the market. Unfortunately, Anmitsu's vet recommended a raw diet about 6-months after we started our journey, so we never finished the series. But I thoroughly enjoyed the two companies I tried - NomNomNow and Farmer's dog.  (Both are Fantastic! Although NomNomNow fit more of what I was looking for). 


For those of you who watched our instagram stories or read our blog posts, you know how much I love human-grade dog food. I am not talking about dry dehydrated (processed) food with a picture of raw meat and fresh vegetables on the packaging. What a gimmick!


The fresh food and raw diet approach are two of my favorite types of meals for dogs. On both diets, Anmitsu has continued to thrive and maintain a healthy weight. She hasn't shown any signs of allergies, her coat is shiny, and her teeth are clean! And she is provided FOOD VARIETY!!


What does FOOD VARIETY mean?! 


Just like us, our dog needs a balanced diet to stay healthy. That includes a mix of: Proteins, Carbohydrates (only some for healthy dogs), Fats, Vitamins, Minerals, Water.


All dogs have a biological need to eat a diet that is composed primarily of animal products – meat. That is simply the way that domestic dogs evolved from the wolf. That’s why high-quality dog foods place so much importance on the inclusion of meat. Your dog’s body needs animal-based protein to survive – he also needs fat for energy and vitamins/minerals from a variety of food sources. Currently, dog food contains supplements to meet the nutritional standards established by AAFCO.


After doing my own research, however, I learned that most supplements (like humans) typically are not absorbed well. That's why many nutritionist and doctors encourage (even demand) us to eat WHOLE FOOD. Our bodies are able to absorb nutrients better if it is not from synthetic vitamins or processed food.


It's been about a month since I started mixing NomNomNow and raw together. I have seen such a  change in Anmitsu. For instance, she is more receptive to training! I don't believe this is entirely due to a dog's temperament or genetics...because she can be wild (overly energetic)! But after I switched from processed food to a fresh food diet, I have seen a change in her behavior.


I believe a good diet can help the mind and body find its balance. Just like for us, humans. 


Why make the switch? -WHY NOMNOMNOW? -


1) Help maintain a healthy weight.

2) Receive nutrients from whole food (unprocessed and unrefined) sources.  


I returned to NomNomNow after hearing about their updated ingredients, research development, lightly cooked meals, and their packaging. They have DAILY meal packs, which I highly recommend for those who want variety throughout the week. 


NomNomNow's food has NEVER been frozen prior to delivery. It's made fresh in their OWN kitchen (not a kitchen that's rented) and lightly cooked by their OWN staff (not a third party). I love receiving a fresh batch and being able to feed Anmitsu a meal cooked the same week. 


I often receive this question:




YES, you absolutely can feed them store bought food. I fed my two dogs prior to Anmitsu a kibble and canned diet. However, I began to see the effects of processed food later on: vet visits, medications (they were NOT cheap), surgery recommendations (did not pass the checklist screened for frailty). Both of my dogs passed fairly early around 11/12-years old.


With health advancements and research, dogs should live much longer than this! I was simply misinformed. However, we all need to do our part to take care of our pets and turn away from processed food. After my first two dogs passed, I knew I had to study more on the principles of dog nutrition.


(A great article on NomNomNow posted on INC. )


It is your decision which dog food brand to feed your pup but it is not a decision that should be taken lightly. It should be obvious to you by now just how important the quality of your dog’s diet is for his long-term health and wellness. 




***I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample for review purposes. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience



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