Summer Bugs AKA Fleas! How to get rid of fleas!

May 30, 2018


The warmer weather of spring and summer means the start of flea, tick and mosquito season! And this year, the weather was perfect for these little critters to multiply in Los Angeles. We had one of the highest rainy seasons in a long time. Which is great, we needed the rain! But now we are suffering from a mosquito infestation in the city and the fleas are making a BIG comeback. 




During the warm weather months, extra attention needs to be paid to ensure our dogs remains free from insect bites. It’s a struggle. I have other dog owners telling me to use the flea medicine prescribed by the vets… but I can’t get myself to put toxic chemicals on my dog, especially one that can potentially harm their nervous system (i.e.; vomit, seizure, etc.)


Prior to Anmitsu, I had two dogs that both ended up with fleas after using Frontline and Advantage II. You think these meds would work since it's prescription strength, but sometimes they dont. I have heard from friends that they had to try a few brands before finding one that works for their dog. I decided to not go down that route this time. 


For the first time, I'm trying a different flea preventative method using essential oils and a flea comb.  The ingredients can be found in my previous post (see post ). If you don't have time to mix your own mix, the 'Pet Naturale Flea + Tick' also contains similar ingredients!



**Although essential oils are natural, they can still irritate and harm our pets. Make sure to mix the oils correctly!










FLEAS multiply very quickly. After one feeding, a female can lay 50 eggs per day! Eggs take anywhere from two days to two weeks to develop, hatching when environmental conditions are just right for them. If temperatures are cold and dry, the eggs will take longer; if temperatures are warm and humidity levels are high, the eggs will hatch at a faster rate. These eggs hatch and feast on dead skin and debris on the floor before turning into full-grown fleas! 



1) Exterminator

2) Vacuum religiously

(vacuums can eliminate 30% of fleas and 60% of eggs...hence, vacuum every day!)

3) Flea Powder/ Diatomaceous Earth

Supposedly, fleas consume these powder and die.

(I have not personally used DE before, but would love to hear from those who have!).

4) Wash bedding, clothes, and TOYS! Everything in hot water!!



  1. If you’re taking the natural route, make sure you comb and massage the ingredients thoroughly onto the skin. Dont let it sit on top of the coat. It needs to be on your dog’s skin!!




  2. If you think your dog has fleas -draw a warm bath and let him sit in the water for 10 min. Lather him with your favorite shampoo and comb him with the flea comb. Brush forward and backward (yes, backcomb your puppy!)  After drying him, repeat the combing process with coconut oil.  The fleas stick to the coconut oil AND your dog will thank you for it’s soothing effect.  





The best way to prevent fleas is to STOP them before they enter your home.








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