Day 2 and 3 - Spaying Update! (Incision photos)

April 22, 2018

We made it! (Day 3)


I've learned so much through this spaying process. I'm  glad I was prepared and I read a lot of information before moving forward.  2-weeks beforehand, I started to get Anmitsu ready for surgery. Here are a few things I did to prepare her:


-fed her top-of-the-line food (more beef) and made sure she gained extra healthy weight 

-cut fish oil out of her diet (fish oil thins the blood)

-plenty of exercise outdoors

-12-15 hrs of sleep (dogs need more sleep than humans)


We are on Day 3, and she's completely back to her normal self. The whole process wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. 


One major thing I found interesting during the recovery process was that she didn't need a cone. Yes, she needed it for the first day...but the second day that cone was off. She was more relaxed and calm without it. All day I tried to get her to pee, but she wouldn't budge. Basically, she went on a pee strike until the cone came off. 


Currently, she is wearing a human baby onesie from Walmart for $3. She weighs 21 lbs and I bought a size 24-month onesie. I added a slit on both sleeves to prevent her arms from being constrained. But everything else is fairly loose (this is really important for the stomach region. Do NOT buy a tight onesie or shirt!) 


Other Frenchie pawrents have also informed me that they, too, didn't use a cone during the healing process. Most Frenchies cant reach the stomach area! I did not know this until after the surgery. So I watched and... yup! she cant reach her stomach! But just to be safe, watch your dog! Anmitsu wears the onesie and she hasn't been left alone since her surgery. If you have to leave, I think putting the cone on is the safest bet.


In my next post, I'll add a few recovery tips from other frenchie and non-frenchie dog owners!! Stay tuned! 


Here are a few photos of her incision. (I suggest taking photos of their incision to monitor the recovery! It's also a great way to identify any changes!)


Day 1 - Incision


 Day 2 (some redness) 


Day 3 (redness is slowly subsiding)




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