Spaying after her first season (Day 1)

April 20, 2018

The day is here! Anmitsu is 18-months and I just dropped her off at the vet, and now anxiously waiting (and praying) for the procedure to be over. When I dropped her off she was so excited to see the nurse...I couldn't help but feel terrible knowing it'll be a long and exhausting day for her.

I heard spaying is a difficult recovery and more intense than neutering. Several people have warned me about the post-care. Supposedly, it's the worst...and I'll think my dog is dying... eek! I'll continue to update this post with her condition and photos of her incision! 


Here are a list of things I have prepared for her "rehabilitation" and the aftercare form from the vet




1) Crate

 Since I don't want to exacerbate the pain in her stomach region (by lifting her into and out of the car), this crate will serve as her carrier for the next few days while she heals. As you can see, I lined it with a pee-pee pad for any accidents (pee-pee and vomit) that comes from weaning off the anesthesia. I also placed a cushion for her...because no dog wants to sit on hard plastic. I like these travel carriers. They are easy to lift and, for some strange reason, Anmitsu seems to favor these plastic ones more than the metal crates.



2) Cone of shame and a onesie.

Someone said that putting a baby onesie on their dog was much better than a cone. However, you have to remain vigilante! That's 24/7! No licking and scratching the wounds! I will test out the onesie tomorrow.

Today, it's the cone of shame! 



3) Towels. LOTS of towels.

I covered Anmitsu's play rug with towels. I figured it'll be easier for any clean-ups and she tends to feel guilty when she has accidents. I want her to feel comfortable during her recovery.


4) Space heater

I chose to spay her during a cool day. Today is 62F. Just like humans, warmer weather brings more infections after surgery. <-- This is something I learned this week! 


I'll continue to update you on the recovery process. She should be getting out of surgery soon. 


If you have recovery tips, please DM us on instagram! 


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