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March 30, 2018

You may have seen a few videos on Instagram with our new doggie stroller from Amazon. I have to admit, I used to make fun of people who pushed their dogs in strollers. I would think to myself: "That's NOT a baby. Dogs should walk!" I was very judgmental!  You see, our dogs are our babies and if someone wants to use a stroller and it makes them happy, more power to them! The stroller is also a great way for dogs with health issues to get out.


(hilarious to get the funny looks by onlookers. The best is when they think it's a baby and see a dog. And you know what!? It's worth it, because the stroller is amazing!)


Before I go any further, it's important our dogs continue to receive their daily exercise where they are allowed to smell and claim their territory. Nature gave our dogs with a set of instincts. Each one of these instincts is linked to their survival, whether it be scent marking or smelling. However, it's also equally important to watch for signs of tiredness from over exercise. I noticed that Anmitsu had a hard time keeping up with my daily uphill walks. She would often sit on the sidewalk with her frog legs stretched out in the middle of my exercise. When we made it home, she wouldn't move for hours. I wasn't sure if this was a healthy choice, so I googled and asked my vet about her behavior.


My vet informed me that excessive exercise can actually be more damaging than good, especially for the Bulldog breed. For instance, it can be extremely hard on their knee joints and hips! So now, I use the stroller for our uphill walks. Basically, she sits in the stroller and I push her uphill. It's a great workout since I am pushing 25-lbs! 



(comes with harness clips)



features I love:

-storage space

-harness clips

-not heavy

-easy to fold



The stroller is also handy when I'm traveling. Recently, we had a stay-cation in Palm Springs and I found it easy to take her to art galleries and onto crowded streets. Stores that don't allow dogs were also lenient because of the stroller. For $34.90, this was a good purchase! 

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