How to Make Eggshell Calcium

July 26, 2018

I love finding a use for something I would normally throw out. In the Japanese culture, we have a saying "mottainai", which expresses the regret that we feel when we see a resource wasted. It's a lifestyle deeply rooted in the Japanese tradition.  

So... when I found out I can use eggshells to make calcium, I jumped at the chance! Instead of paying for other sources such as calcium tablets, I can save a little money and make my own dietary supplements.
Is Eggshell Powder a Good Way to Get Calcium? Yes! Calcium for dogs is beneficial for bone growth and health. A dog that has enough calcium in his diet will have healthy bones, teeth, and coat. And a deficit of calcium may make the pet more susceptible to bone disease and osteoporosis.
However, calcium levels must be watched. We do not want to overfeed our dogs calcium. When dogs ingest these supplements in large amounts, it can result in elevated calcium blood levels, which leads to electrolyte changes. 
I give Anmitsu a 1/3 teaspoon of calcium powder every other day. Her food already comes with some calcium, but it's hard to determine how much calcium is exactly in our dog's food unless we were the ones to make each batch. 
The steps are extremely easy! And it takes less than 5 minutes! Here are the 4 easy steps! 
Step 1: Rinse the egg shells with water and dry them.
(I dry them overnight to ensure they are completely dry before grinding).
Step 2: I grind my eggshells in a coffee grinder. It works for me because I don't drink coffee and have no other use for it. Some people may not like this approach since egg powder residues leave a smell if not thoroughly cleaned. 










Step 3: Grind for 30 seconds or until powdered.













Step 4: Use an empty container to store. I used an old dog vitamin container. 

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