Link AKC Dog Collar Review

April 11, 2018

Link AKC GPS tracking system is one of the hottest new tech gadgets to enter the dog industry. At this year's CES 2017 show in Las Vegas, Link AKC took the 'Best of Innovation' award. Yes, a dog collar took the award!Why? Probably because we have never seen a GPS smart collar that utilizes cellular network. The idea behind this GPS system is phenomenal. Not only does it track your pet, Link AKC also monitors activity levels, hiking paths, vaccination records, and sets temporary fences


Link AKC is NOT the first GPS Smart Collar to hit the market. There are several tracking systems, but most are unreliable and not aesthetically pleasing (reminds me of an ankle monitor). There are a few sold via eBay or Amazon for $50 with an extremely short locator range. It defeats the purpose of having such a device if your pup wanders from home. If you're getting a GPS tracker, you want a reliable locator.


I think LINK AKC successfully provides that service, however, at a relatively high cost. Unfortunately, the company does not offer a week trial in order to test out the device (only a month-to-month rate at $9.95) . Lucky for you all, we took the leap. Here is the breakdown:


$149 (early bird promotion price)

$166.80 (activation fee via AT&T for 2 years)


Here is what we think...


-The Look-


Anmitsu’s neck is small for this device. She’s a puppy and still growing into the collar. I recently saw it on the famous, Chloe the Frenchie (an adult mini-French Bulldog), and it looked overwhelming on her neck too. I wish the device was less bulky on our smaller pets. I wouldn't recommend it to a dog parent with a small breed, such as a Yorkie or a Chihuahua. When I look at the larger dogs, however, this device suits them. It looks great!







I purchased this collar in case…I confess I am a helicopter mom! If I couldn't find her and she escaped my sight: 1) I would be devastated 2) I wouldn't want to rely solely on a microchip and a good samaritan to bring her back.

I am extremely vigilant of her whereabouts, but you never know.  And when I am traveling for work, it’s nice to know exactly where she is... usually at grandma’s house. Probably getting spoiled.


There are other features that are very unique.


        Alerts me when Anmitsu leaves her “digital safe zone”. If she leaves a certain perimeter, it sends an alert to my Iphone immediately. Another feature I love is being able to set a “temporary fence”. 



Monitors the temperature in the room. French Bulldogs overheat easily, so it’s a nice reminder...but I don’t rely on this feature too much. Perhaps in the summer I'll switch it on. 



Fitness tracking based on a dog’s particular breed and weight. As a growing pup, this is an important feature to monitor and watch! Her activity goals are tracked and documented. It also indicates when her most intense play occurred.


I am, however, disappointed that it does not monitor her steps each day. I think this feature could be greatly improved. If it had similar features such as FLEX (track steps, distance, sleep level, stationary time, etc), I would recommend LINK AKC to everyone. 




         Map Our Adventures! If you go hiking or have a favorite walking path, you can track it! It’ll map out the distance and you can also store photos you took on that day.



Will I purchase it again? 50/50. This was a splurge on a cool gadget. Is it worth $300+?? I'm not sure. I haven't used it enough to judge its price. Essentially, it has done what it's supposed to do, which is to track my pup. I feel at ease knowing that when I take her to a new place (dog beach, park, wilderness hike, etc.), she could be off leash without me feeling too anxious. I simply track her on my phone...because for a Frenchie, she's a fast runner! 






I decided to clip the Link AKC around Anmitsu's waist instead of on her collar. It has worked much better for a small puppy! I am also not a huge fan of walking her using a collar. Especially since she's still learning 'loose leash walking' and tends to pull. The device still works as it should! 



LINK AKC is offering friends $30 off their purchase of a Collar. 



I was not financially compensated for this post. I did NOT receive a sample for review purposes. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience

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