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November 5, 2018

Stella and Chewy's New Liver Treats 


Stella and Chewy's has introduced a new line of Lamb Liver Treats! And do we love it. Like most of their treats, its single ingredient and freeze-dried to preserve its nutrition during its raw form.


These Bite-sized treats made with only 1 ingredient. Simple, protein packed, irresistible treats that are a perfect way to reward your special dog!

  • Freeze-dried raw

  • 1 simple ingredient

  • 100% pure and natural

  • Grain and gluten free

  • No added hormones or antibiotics

  • Made in our own USA kitchen

  • Ideal for dogs with food sensitivities

  • Perfect training treat

  • Crumble over food to entice picky dogs











Liver is extremely high in nutrients and such a good organ to consumer for our dogs and ourselves. Please dont over do it though. Like everything in life - moderation.


Vitamin A: Liver is high in vitamin A, a fat-soluble vitamin that’s beneficial for eye health, skin health and cellular turnover, among other things. 

Consuming vitamin A directly, like in freeze-dried or raw, directly is a more reliable way to obtain its benefits. 


Iron: Liver is also high in iron, which is important for muscle function, brain function and hemoglobin formation, which makes it crucial for energy production.


Copper: Copper is an important nutrient that we often don’t hear a lot about. However, it contributes to nerve and immune system health. It also helps produce collagen, the connective tissue responsible for our bone, joint, hair, skin and nail health.


B Vitamins: Finally, liver is a fantastic source of B vitamins. It is especially high in vitamin B12 and folate. All of the B vitamins are important for helping convert food into energy, which is extremely important for ensuring you feel energetic and vibrant in your daily life. Folate is also beneficial for cellular growth, making it extremely important for women of childbearing age. 


I love that Stella and Chewy's are coming out with individual organ treats! And I'm a firm believer of supporting companies that care about our dog's health as much as we do! 






Stella and Chewy's New Treats - Wild Weenies Dog Treats! 


As a #chewyinfluencer this month we got to try this yummy treats!


These treats are the perfect size to fit into your KONG! And they're shaped like a mini-weenier! 

As you know, we are careful about what formula we provide Anmitsu, and we are enjoying these limited ingredient snacks. 











We are also using these snacks as brain exercise tools! It's just another creative way to get all of our fur babies to exercise their energy in a healthy way!









Stella and Chewy's Line 


French Bulldogs are notorious for their flatulence, and we have accepted these traits as proud Frenchie owners. We have said to ourselves it comes with the territory of short-faced breeds! However, like the human body, flatulence can be caused by an allergy to certain foods that affect the digestive system. Whether we are talking human or pets, the culprit is an overactive immune system.

Anmitsu’s allergies first appeared at 14-weeks old: biting paws, scratching, redness on her chin, ears and stomach. And constant gaseous odors! (try sitting next to a pup with flatulence, it can be an unpleasant experience!) We heard allergies in puppies appear around 5-months, and we ignored many of the early warning signs. Eventually, the redness was so bad I took her to the vet. The vet confirmed her allergies and asked us to switch to a novel protein. Several vets may immediately prescribe antihistamine (only works on 30% of dogs) or steroids but, if you catch the signs early, you may want to change their diet first. 


After further food research, my sister introduced me to Stella and Chewy's freeze-dried meals (S&C)! 



At first I wasn’t sure if S&C was recommended for puppies, so I ended up discussing the product with vets, breeders, and Frenchie parents. This is what I learned...

Stella and Chewy’s freeze-dried process is one of the best out there. All products start as frozen, raw patties, mixers or nuggets. At this stage, all moisture in the product is ice. The product goes into the freeze-dryer which applies a vacuum at cold temperatures. While in the freeze-dryer, ice changes to water vapor turning the frozen product to dry without ever thawing out. After 20 hours in the freeze-dryer, the product has transformed into shelf stable, freeze-dried patties or nuggets ready for packaging.


Unlike many dog foods, S&C offers single source common as well as novel proteins. This comes in handy when we are eliminating protein-allergies. I recommend starting with a cool protein such as rabbit. It will help assuage the exaggerated immune response that causes tissue swelling, such as hives or redness in the skin.

Here are also a few other reasons for a rabbit diet:
· Rabbits are rarely fed anything medicated, and are not treated with hormonal growth stimulants.
· Rabbit meat is higher in protein than any other commercial meat in the USA. (U S D A circular # 549)
· Rabbit meat is much lower in cholesterol than chicken, turkey, beef, pork.
· Rabbit meat is great during the hot summer months, as it is a cool protein
· Rabbit gives a big boost in vitamin B-12 (a critical role in the function of central nervous system and metabolism, as well as the formation of red blood cells)

Anmitsu’s current meal plan:
· Eats 4x a day with a total of 6 patties per day. (receives either the Rabbit or Venison freeze-dried).
· Handful of meal toppers ('beef' or 'salmon & cod') for training. They come bite-sized! 
· Supplements throughout the week: Multivitamin, Fish Oil/Coconut oil, glucosamine, probiotics (Will talk about these in a future post)

Anmitsu’s allergies are now under control. My recommendation is to add EXTRA warm water to the crumble freeze-dried patties to ensures our pup isn’t receiving a high protein diet without proper hydration. (*cool before serving)

Unfortunately, S&C is NOT the most economical dog food ($35-40 for the 32 patties in the 15.5oz bag). I usually stock up when the local pet stores or online sites have promotions! Right now they are offering $3 off Meal Mixers! Give it a try! 




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